fanSHEN tells stories of real people exploring big questions. 

We seek to challenge, confound and surprise.

Our work is built on five core elements:

STORY: the aesthetic of each production grows from the story at its heart. In our work, each element of the story is told by the theatrical tool that can articulate it best.

LOCALISM: fanSHEN's shows are specific to a place, a point in time and a group of people. They are inspired by the encounters we see, the sounds we hear, and the way people relate to the space they are in.

INTERNATIONALISM: fanSHEN creates productions in dialogue with international traditions of theatre which value the visual alongside the spoken.

DUAL PERSPECTIVE: our work is co-directed, enabling us to combine the psychological and behavioural detail of a character-led approach with the aesthetic coherence of an audience-led approach.

COLLABORATION: we work closely with professionals and communities, especially young people, to develop work with relevance and appeal. Dialogue is at the heart of fanSHEN's artistic practice and collaborators are welcomed into a team with the co-directors at its centre.