[a is for apple]

21 October 2013 - 21 October 2015


A thing we've all eaten.

The first word we learn to write after our name.

A powerful object that crops up in fairy stories, religious texts, lists of things which symbolise Englishness

The future of technology/ the best example of mindless brand devotion

[a is for apple] is a two year project, starting on Apple Day (21 October) 2013 and ends on Apple Day 2015. It a process of exploration with various outputs. Right now, we think that these outputs may include:

- some performancy-interactions, to be performed at festivals and other events around summer 2014

- some collaborations with people who are not artists

- a more curated archive version of the scrapbook we're keeping

- a longer form, more narrative-driven show (perhaps a bit like GreenandPleasantLand) for 2015

All this may change. We’re really trying not to endgame on this project.

It's a new way of working for fanSHEN. Our work involves performances but it also involves processes, encounters and adventures in technology. For some time now, we’ve been a bit sheepish about all the bits of our work which are not the performance – we’ve kept it quiet, only explaining it if we were asked directly. But the research and thinking and talking to people take up far more of our time than the performance itself – like an iceberg, nine tenths of the project are below the surface. And when we do share this bit, people seem to find it interesting. So this is a project where we will try to wear our process on our sleeve...

Our first R&D for [a is for apple] will be at Dartington, where we have been selected as part of their Immerse programme, in November 2013.

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