Dr Huxtable

A top surgeon accused of a serious crime. Conviction would mean planned operations will not go ahead – and the evidence is far from conclusive. Or is this just another case of someone so important they’re above justice?

Dr Huxtable is a piece of playable theatre drawing on a jury format. It asks how we make decisions, how we deal with our preconceptions, and how much you’d want strangers making judgements about you based on the contents of your phone.

Power and privilege; trust and technology; thought and action.

How will you vote?

Dr Huxtable is a 2017 project. It is a collaboration with neuroscientist Kris De Meyer and technologists random quark.

DEVELOPED BY Dan Barnard, Chris Bone, Rachel Briscoe, Tom Chambers, Kris De Meyer, Shireen Mula, Zoe Nicole, Theo Papatheodorou & Delme Thomas.

Dr Huxtable is supported by the King's Cultural Institute.