Looking for Love

Your phone buzzes. A reply from Alex. Finally.

 - theres something i need to talk to you about, you around to message later?

You’ve never been sure about internet dating but this one seems different.

Different because you know he’s not actually a person. 

But there’s something about him (or it?) that makes you want to keep messaging, to make him laugh, to understand him, to meet perhaps.

Even though.

Even though that isn’t possible, it feels like it could be.

Looking for Love is a personalized digital story, co-written with ai.

It's an artwork about the meeting point between humans and machines, and the messiness of trying to join two materials together. It’s an experience driven by one of the most powerful human impulses: the quest to find love. It explores the seductive appeal of personalisation and asks whether ai might actually be a better listener than your nearest and dearest. 

In Looking for Love, you play at falling in love. It’s not a ‘will I fall for it?’ but rather a ‘how does this feel?’ Your rational brain knows the ‘person’ you are interacting with is not real but will there be moments when you find yourself being seduced by the level of personalization in the game? Are the hits of dopamine that you receive when you get a message notification any less potent than they would be if the sender were human? Do the flowers delivered to your work smell any less sweet?

In development.

CREATED BY Dan Barnard, Rachel Briscoe & Joe McAlister | ADDITIONAL MATERIAL BY Shireen Mula & Delme Thomas

Looking for Love R&D was supported by NEADN.