an apple a day - acts of noticing

In November 2013, fanSHEN embarked on an idealistic mission to transform the world into something to be experienced, rather than something which is consumed.  

We had noticed how much of our lives we spent focusing on beginnings and endings. The middle bits – the journey – were getting lost somewhere along the way. 

We began to compile an unscientific methodology for experiencing more, for noticing surprises, for imagining back-to-front. We put it in a book: an apple a day - acts of noticing is an incomplete compendium of invitations to live more curiously. 

an apple a day - acts of noticing had a limited print run of 100 copies. In March 2015, we launched an apple a day - acts of noticing at ArtsAdmin and gave copies of the book to the people who had contributed to making it and some other people who wanted a copy. In return for a copy of the book, we asked people to pledge something - either something for fanSHEN (e.g. baking a cake for the next event we might do, legal advice if we get sued at any point, space for rehearsals) or something for themselves that they thought the book might help them with (e.g. spending ten minutes a day writing/ singing/ drawing or spending time thinking about a particular something). 

We look forward to people letting us know how they got on with the book, and also to taking up the various pledges of baked goods. We still have a couple of copies of the book left.

Winter view from the accommodation block at Dartington. Photo by Chris Gylee.

Winter view from the accommodation block at Dartington. Photo by Chris Gylee.

DEVELOPED BY Al Barclay, Dan Barnard, Nyisha Bill-Eteson, Christopher Bone, Rachel Briscoe, Sarah Calver, Rachel Donovan, Dan Ford, Jon Foster, Chris Gylee, Benedict Hopper, Tomos James, Susan Momoko Hingley, Shireen Mula, Zoë Nicole, Georgina Sowerby, Sophie Steer, Cécile Trémolières, Nathan Whitfield & Frank Wurzinger | DESIGN Chris Gylee | PRINTED AND BOUND BY Ditto Press

an apple a day - acts of noticing was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.