Where will your questions take you?

Join us for Questival, our brand-new family festival of questions: the hows, whys and where froms of our collections. Here at NHM, our scientists are always seeking answers - and sometimes asking a question creates more questions than it answers. Can you stay curious and follow where the questions lead?

Take your own quest through the NHM collecting questions and figuring out where you might find answers. Try your hand as a dinosaur detective; exercise your powers of observation as you compete for a ‘full hive’ in Bugingo; or borrow a real-life expert from our Lending Library of Museum Scientists. Make sure you record your findings in your special Questival passport for further investigation.

Questival mixes science with games, performance and other activities: get crafty, get collecting, and most of all, get curious!

Questival was presented during October half-term 2016 at the Natural History Museum.

DEVELOPED AND DELIVERED BY Rebecca Atkinson-Lord, Dan Barnard, Stu Barter, Amelia De-Felice, Clare Dunn, Susanna Hislop, Shireen Mula, Tessa Parr, Eugénie Pastor, Luca Rutherford & Arthur Wilson | DIRECTOR Rachel Briscoe | DESIGN Naomi Kuyck-Cohen

Questival was commissioned by the Natural History Museum.