Invisible Treasure

No actors. No plot. But there’s you. And maybe that’s enough. 

Invisible Treasure is an interactive digital playspace, an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency, where your actions can change everything. 

When will you follow the rules and when will you break them? What risks are you prepared to take? How will you know if you’re seeing the whole picture? Using cutting-edge sensor, sound and projection technologies, Invisible Treasure is a journey through seven levels of unreality in a world that feels like the inside of a computer game but yet seems strangely similar to our own.

Invisible Treasure was developed during the second half of 2015 and presented for three weeks of sell-out shows during October-November at Ovalhouse in South London.

DIRECTION/ CONCEPT Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe | DESIGN Cécile Trémolières | LIGHTING DESIGN Joshua Pharo & Gillian Tan | COMPOSER Richard Hammarton | PRODUCTION MANAGER Sam Clear | CREATIVE TECHOLOGIST Hellicar&Lewis | DEVELOPED BY Lou Coleman, Barra Collins, Clare Dunn, Shireen Mula, Ed Richards, Delme Thomas.

Invisible Treasure was supported by a Tipping Point and Stories of Change Commission via AHRC, Ovalhouse, The Sculpt the Future Foundation, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, Unity Theatre Trust and the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

The event involves a complete subversion of normal theatre… the best bits reminded me of the joy of taking drugs and the spacey and psychedelic quality of the experience, which last about an hour, stayed with me much longer…The creators of the experience, Dan Barnard and Rachel Briscoe, use some really impressive sensor, sound and projection technologies, and given that fanSHEN’s mission is to “transform the world into something to be experienced, rather than something which is consumed”, I’d say this was one successful episode in that lifelong quest.
— Aleks Sierz, theatre writer and critic