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Each of fanSHEN’s projects is a form of artistic research. We also often share that research, either in writing or in the context of conferences and symposiums. Below are some of the presentations that we have done.

We also enjoy collaborating with universities to create shows with students or facilitate workshops. If this is of interest, get in touch.

Show & Tell - Random String Symposium, Warwick Arts Centre, November 2018

Solitude and ai in fanSHEN’s Looking for Love - Stories of Solitude, York Mediale, October 2018

Playing at reality: digital frames and stages - Creative Fuse conference, Discovery Museum, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, July 2018

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Performance Creation: A Case Study of fanSHEN’s The Justice Syndicate - Theatre and Performance Research Association Performance and New Technologies Working Group Interim Event Buckinghamshire New University, July 2018

Social media in fanSHEN’s work: from crowd-sourced content to data-scraping dating - User Not found: Social Media Technologies in Immersive Performance Symposium, University of Reading, June 2018

Immaterial Power and Invisible Treasure: A Case Study in how digital technology enables new forms of political performance - Theatre and Performance Research Association Annual Conference, University of Salford, August 2017

A Case Study of Two Contrasting Pieces of Headset Theatre from the same company: fanSHEN -  Headphone Theatre Symposium, University of Kent, July 2017

Finding Forever: Using games to reimagine and re-evaluate the City - Counterplay, Aarhus, Denmark, March 2017

Invisible Treasure: A Case Study in how Digital Technology can help transform the way audience members interact with each other and themselves – Digital Performance Symposium, Watermans, October 2016

Creating Games and Playful Interactions for adult learning in Public Spaces or the University Classroom - Playful Learning Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, July 2016

Creating Games and Playful Interactions for Public Spaces - Counterplay Festival, DOKK1, Aarhus, Denmark, April 2016

What does technology have to offer creative processes or practices? - NESTA and the Barbican, March 2016

Climate Change, the challenges of imagining the future, and how the arts might be able to help.  Some practice-informed reflections - Culture, Memory and Extinction Conference, University of Westminster at the Natural History Museum, December 2015

Does Size Matter? A Case Study in student placements with small theatre companies – Higher Education and Professional Theatre Conference, September 2015

Making Playable Experiences using Creative Technology – Goldsmiths, University of London, September 2015

Tootingwalks: A Case Study of the Felt Local - The Felt Local: Arts Based Approaches to Belonging and Identity, Royal Society of the Arts, July 2015

The one about the tree falling in the forest: a practice-based reflection on the stories we tell and who we tell them to - Performance, Ecology and Research Symposium, University of Christchurch, Canterbury, July 2015

Utopias, Dystopias and Zombie Apocalypses Future Narratives in the Arts and Why they Matter – Perne Club, Peterhouse, Cambridge, March 2015

Hair Shirts and LEDs? - A Non-Worthy Guide to Environmental Aesthetics - Ecological Performance Making Symposium at Central School of Speech and Drama, November 2013