Shooting Rats by Peter Turrini, in a version by Rachel Briscoe 

A girl and a boy go on a date. She wants to go to a posh restaurant but he takes her to a rubbish dump.

Surrounded by broken fridges and old car parts, the pair make surprising discoveries about each other. Things are getting interesting, this might be fun after all: a Friday night together to forget the week from hell. 

But Evie and Ads know they don't have long before they have to go home, where it feels like their lives have been mapped out before they've even had the chance to live them. To challenge this would be hopeless… but tonight anything seems possible.

Shooting Rats was presented in 2009 in a pop-up location in South London.

CAST Peter Bray & Sarah Savage | DIRECTIONDan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe | DESIGN Chris Gylee | LIGHTING DESIGN Michael Nabarro | COMPOSER Richard Hammarton 

Shooting Rats was supported by The Austrian Cultural Forum in London, the Big Lottery Fund, Unity Theatre Trust, The Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, the Lady Neville Charitable Trust & The Sylvia Waddilove Foundation.

...affecting and psychologically acute.
— Maddy Costa, Guardian