Written stuff


Sometimes we write stuff which is published in other places i.e. not our blog; very occasionally other people write stuff about us. Here are some links if you would like to read any of it.

(Small disclaimer: strident opinions expressed some years ago may not still be current.)

Winter view from the accommodation block at Dartington. Photo by Chris Gylee.

Dan on 'things play can do in a university', drawing on a conference paper he gave at Counterplay in Aarhus...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Rachel on the problematic nature of Theatres with capital 'T'.

Rachel being interviewed about art and citizenship.

Rachel on art and sustainability.

Rachel being interviewed about bikes, cheese and oil.

Rachel being interviewed about lots of things and being a bit ranty.

Rachel on the power of (organisations) being the first follower (written while working for someone else but the principle still stands.)

Rachel on arts funding and the limits of loyalty (written a little while ago now but still feels true...)